Check our Server Features

No Skillcap

You can train every skill up to 120.0 if you want to.

450 Statcap

Total stats can go up to 450. Each stat can go up to 200 with enhancements.

No PvP

Until reborn professions are in. PvM Players will never become attackable by PvP players.

EVO Pets

Find EVO eggs while hunting their Guardians. Train your EVO Pets and make them evolve through several stages. EVO Pets are considered among the most powerful pets you can have, especially EVO Dragons and EVO Daemons.

EVO Weapons

EVO Weapons can be purchased with tokens next to our training center. There are nearly every kind of weapons that can be purchased as an EVO Weapon. Train them from level 1 and add them useful properties according to your needs.

EVO Armors

EVO Armors can't be purchased. To be able to get them, you will need to become a legendary crafter in every crafting profession.  Once that  achievement completed (which may be useful too to unlock our Siege Architect reborn profession later), you will be able to craft EVO Armors and probably seel them to other players.

Advanced Taming

Our taming system allows every creature in the game to be spawned as a male or female animal, then have a random maximum level. Once tamed, you can train them up to their maximum level. If you own a male and a female pet, you can breed them for having a baby of a higher "generation". This works too with Squires and EVO Pets. We also have Human BIO Pets enabled. Sample DNA, and build yourself a super tankish BIO Pet (or anything else you want).


You can purchase a Squire for gold near our training center. Watch out you will need to increase your maximum pet control slots first. Here you can increase pet slots up to 10. Squires are human shaped creatures that can fight for you and especially wear gear and armors. Try them, they come with a long list of commands and tricks to play with. Check our wiki for a full guide about them.


Daily invasions, whether city invasions or other regions. We will mostly run events that way, with some variants when it comes to events. Invasions are planned everyday, twice a day. 4:20am and 4:20pm (server time). Every day is a different invasion. Bigger invasions are set up during weekends and holidays.