UO White Wolf's History
When it all started in 2013 ...

UO White Wolf wasn't called that way immediately. Moreover, through the years, we changed name regularly. There were many reasons for that. First one would be that at some point, we wanted a fresh start. It's not always easy to justify a server wipe, depiste it is sometimes needed (for many reasons actually ... e.g. a core upgrade making world saves not compatible with former save files). So, we were known by manys names since 2013 : UO Broceliande, UO ToT, UO Friends, UO Union are the most known community servers we owned and staffed. Eventually, the name White Wolf seems to ring a bell to some players usually returning back to see what is going on, which is a chance we have. We also know we have a ternished aura for some reasons. Some banned players (or usually former staff who cheated and were banned with their players included ... which is quite logical if you cheat, you won't benefit from your misgriefs) have sweared to carry DDOS attacks as soon as they see White Wolf online. Despite that fact, we want to keep the name, we want to come back online everytime, we want to eventually return to our glory times we had in 2015.

But we aren't there in this history to talk about who did bad, who did wrong. We won't even give any names, nor comment on staff and/or players behavior. Some were awful, some were wonderful. We're back for the wonderful people we met. We want to provide a safe haven where we can all play our favorite game without drama.

In 2013, then started UO Diamont. It was basically a first test center, allowing our team to form, learn to play and staff together, and most importantly, it was our fist RunUO community server. That's where Ce Jayce and Regnak first met and became friends through the year. Together, they built the foundations of UO Broceliande and went public. It was a pretty good server and became quite popular. Broceliande had around 30 online players and much much more active players. Heavily custom PvM server, it sadly died as fast as it was born. We called it the straw fire effect. UO Broceliande was also the server where two more staff members joined us : Star and Joy. Those were the good old days of staff without drama. Sadly, those were the only year without drama in staff. It is sad to realize after so many years that most people wanting to join the staff team did it for their own profit and interest. Very very rare were the staff members who joined and actually didn't play on UO White Wolf. By the way, we now have rules for staff, and if you plan to join us, we have room but you would have to not play (not even "test") here on this server.

So in 2014, after rethinking the way the four of us opened UO White Wolf. That the beginning of two extraordinary years ! We reached around 60 online players and our custom PvM experience was designed not to become boring too too fast. A lot of returning players we have now remembers those two years of glory.

In 2016, for personal reasons, Regnak decided to give the owner to Ce Jayce. Him and Morpheus took the lead and carried more indepth PvM experience with new dungeons that were requiring groups to play and succeed. This had always been our dream, as most of our players were killing most of our content solo. It was also a very nice time for UO White Wolf. Then, for other personal reasons, Yoda took the ownership a couple months later.  Yoda joined us end 2015 and provide A LOT of custom content to UO White Wolf. Yoda was a member of the development team for Orbsidia, OrbUO. Yoda had a major role in scripting all the Stygian Abyss expansion. That's thanks to him that most of the "UOSA" content is now live on ServUO and other forked emulators. We can't thank him enough for sharing this with us, and we take the opportunity to thank him now as we have lost contact with him.

Yoda added a PvP option to UO White Wolf. That was quite smart : you could have a PvM tag, and any time you could remove it and you became PvP, without the possiblity to attack or be attacked by PvM players. And now, now in 2021, we will take back this idea into UO White Wolf. We will do it differently, but we are bringing PvP into UO White Wolf.  We won't give all the details here, but it lays in "reborn professions". After achieving certain things in game, you will be able to unlock a new profession. That new character slot will be unlocked, and you will be able to play 3 unique professions based on the accomplishments you did with your other characters. Those new professions will have a skillcap and be taking part to PvP. Watch out though ! This won't change the PvM experience from all new starting players. Thanks to the magic of scripting, PvP players will only be able to fight among themselves. There is NO WAY they can attack or be attacked by PvM players. So the option to start a new PvP character is completely optional, and won't be accessible unless you have played A LOT with your PvM characters. But being able to PvP is not the only thing you will be to unlock thanks to those 3 new professions ; you will be able to build player cities. Those player cities will have buildings that can be attacked and destroyed. So, yeah, be ready for that. 1 new profession is EVIL, another is GOOD and the other one is NEUTRAL. The neutral PvP profession is the profession to start building player cities, architects, and will be required for siege wars and other funny things we plan to bring to UO White Wolf. The GOOD profession are the Druids and the EVIL profession are the Voidwalkers.

Somewhere in mid 2016, UO White Wolf closed its doors. Serenity and Regnak tried to bring it back to life in 2017, but failed. So did Star, Joy, Regnak and Celestial with UO Friends (2017), UO Union (2018), UO The Obsidian Tales (2019) ... We tried, we tried, but something was wrong in our concept and obviously what we had to offer was something seen many many times on other servers and through the years of our history.

So we tried Legends of Aria. It is a more beautiful looking version of UO. They claim to be the spiritual succesors of Ultima Online. They are actually working on an even more beautiful 3D client right now, but the problem with LoA lies deep in its roots, so we chose to come back to Ultima Online.

From all that history, and from all our shared experience, even if through the years, some left, some joined our team. The door is always open to our former staff members, btw. It was decided to start our own game. The name is Legend of the Rings, and will basically be what UO White Wolf is (or is going to be in a couple months with the reborn professions, the world shaping quests and player cities). We are working in parallel on our new game and on UO White Wolf, every new feature we script here, is scripting in C++ with Unreal Engine. We create our own game engine and at some point, we will be able to release a demo. We don't want to put UO White Wolf in danger, and it will be kept online AT ALL TIMES now. So we will share our time on both games, and especially on stability, new features and reaching a growing number of players through the coming next months and years.

Thank you for reading all this ! It's a long history, but Rome wasn't built in two days. 

Have fun !

-The UO White Wolf Team-

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UO White Wolf's History
Tharmine 12 October, 2021
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