Patch Notes


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Patch Note: 2021-10-14

- Stat gains have been increased

Stat gains were limited as per before OSI Publish 45.

- Skill gains have been lowered a little

It should still stay a challenge to GM all the skills ^_^ This is especially needed for our reborn professions (to be).

- Two types of training elemental have been spawned

The ones with the red gates are tougher ones, which do damage and allow you to train healing. The ones with the green gates don't do damage, so you can AFK train safely.

- Switched from EVO Vampire Mongbat to EVO Lizardman in the welcome pack

Feel free to create a 2nd account to get one if you had the EVO Vamp Mongbat before. Welcome pack is limited to 1 per account, but we allow 2 accounts per player (family members are different players. Get in touch with us if you want more than 2 accounts on your IP).

- Daily invasions are being worked on

So far : on Saturdays, Britain invasion, twice during the day. We'll get one set up every day, on different cities, with different monsters. Third wave bosses drop White Fangs, our donation currency. We'll get a massive custom invasion daily, that will run only during Halloween time : mid October to begin November. Massive is more than 10k mobs attacking a region, three waves also, but it won't be an attack of a city. We'll improvise every day during Halloween time ^_^

- Vote stones have been updated to reward you with White Fangs (our donation currency)

You can use each vote stone once every 24 hours.

- Don't forget to check our donation barrel in the training center

Items are dropped there every day by staff until we get a decent playerbase.

- Daily autorestarts have been disabled

It seemed counter effective to allow AFK training and restart every day. Removed.