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Welcome to UO White Wolf !


Welcome dear adventurer,

Before starting here, here are a few things you should know.

We are :

- No Skillcap

- No PvP (at least, until we get reborn professions. And still, PvP players can't attack PvM players)

- 450 Statcap

- 2 Accounts per IP

- 2 Houses per Account

Our features:

- EVO Pets

- EVO Armors

- EVO Weapons

- Universal Storage Keys

- Squires

- Advanced Taming System (levels and breeding for pets)

- Invasions

- Hue Room

- Easy Travel with our Public Gates

- A beautiful training center with lots of useful items to get started easily and convenient vendor stones right next to the training center.

- Instanced Dungeons (yet to come)

- World Shaping Quests and Events (yet to come)

- Reborn Professions (yet to come)

- Player Cities (yet to come)

If you join us now, you'll get a Welcome Pack :

- 500 skillpoints to spend on any skill, even trained skill. Use those points wisely ! (you may want to keep them for later ?)

- 50k gold

- a pioneer sash

- lots lots of resources

- a few runic tools

- an EVO egg (currently an EVO Vampire Mongbat)

- some random welcome items dropped in our "items for new players" barrel in the training center.

Moreover, you'll need some of these commands to start with :

- [time : check server time (for events and invasions)

- [mycommands : check a list of all the commands you can use

- and for our global chat, you can precede your message with a comma (eg “,” “space” “hello”)

If you are interested in playing on UO White Wolf, here's what you have to do.

First, download the UO Classic Client from this link: Click here to download UO Classic Client

Then, you can install the game and run it a first time so it gets fully patched.

As a third step, download a launcher. UO Razor is commonly used but you can your favorite launcher if you want to. Click here to download UO Razor Latest Version

Now you just have to launcher UO Razor and then enter these login information:

IP : play.uowhitewolf.com

PORT: 2593.

If you play serveral UO servers, we advise you copy the orginial UO folder, which you can usually find at c:/program files(x86)/electronic arts/ultima online/ and paste it in a custom folder dedicated to our server. If you do so, be sure to select that folder in UO Razor before starting the game.

Thanks for playing here ! We'll surely meet soon in game for our future events and world shaping quests.