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Community page






You will find different ways to communicate and keep contact with us and other players.



We have a forum when you need to look for information : categories, sub forums, guides, … The forum will be used as a base for guides and wikis.



We also have a Facebook page where you can support us by just giving us a like. That will make us more visible on Facebook so players looking for a new place to play and using Facebook can find us.



We have links to six voting sites. Those sites are the main way for us to get new players and make us grow. Most of veteran Ultima Online players know them and regularly check for UO shards to play on. We encourage voting from in game as this will provide you with vote tokens. You can spend them on specific items in our training center area.



Once in game, be sure to use the command [c. This is the command for our global chat. You can start chatting with other players and start getting part of the family.


You can also use [MyCommands so you can have a list of all the commands you can use.


Report bugs or issues through pages in game. We accept forum posts or private messages inside the forum (no PMs in game directly to staff) for more details. To create a new page in game, open your paperdoll, hit the help button, then click on ‘other’. Finally, press ‘Report a bug’ and type a description of your issue. It helps us if you do it in game, as we can track what account name, what character name, the time and spot of the page. If needed, we’ll get back to you directly in game or you will notice your issue being fixed in our patch notes on the forum.



And finally, if you want to help with server fees, you can consider donations. Donating would be used for server hosting, paid scripts, copyrights for web pictures and website/forum hosting fees. Ratio 1:10.