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Here's the community page for UO White Wolf.



You will find different links in the submenus leading to different ways to communicate and keep contact with us and other players.



Discord is our main communication platform. It is fast, easy and reliable. Feedback can be given in PMs too. Be sure to read and respect the rules that you can find on this website. SPAM and bullying behavior in Discord will not be tolerated and can lead to in game sanctions. Be also sure to link your Discord name to at least one of your character names in game. We need to know who we are talking to, so we can give you better support in game. You can use the option : 'Set a new nickname' in Discord, so you can use a specific character name just for our Discord Server.

You will find the link to our Discord Server on the welcome page here on this website



We also have a forum when you need to look for more information : categories, sub forums, guides, ... The forum will be used as a base for guides and wikis. It's much easier to upkeep and display than Discord. Discord limits the length of every post to 2,000 chars, which can be very annoying for guides and lore.



There is also a Facebook page where you can support us by just giving us a like. That will make us more visible on Facebook so players looking for a new Shard and using Facebook can find us.



And finally we have links to three vote sites. Those vote sites are the main way to get new players in game and help us grow. Most of veteran Ultima Online players know them, and regularly check the new or surviving shards when they want to come back to UO or switch Shard. We encourage you from voting directly from in game as this will give you Vote Tokens you can spend of specific items.



Once in game, be sure to use the command [c to use our global chat and start chatting with other players. Staff usually interacts in global chat for event announcements, support that can be useful for other players also, warnings for server restarts and so on ...

You can also use [MyCommands so you can have a list of all the commands you can use.