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How can you join UO White Wolf ?







1. First, you'll have to grab a copy of the official Ultima Online Classic Client : http://web.cdn.eamythic.com/us/uo/installers/20120309/UOClassicSetup_7_0_24_0.exe



As a reminder, we encourage every player joining us to start a subscription on Ultima Online OSI, official servers. Please know that without them, we won't be there. UO is a legendary game. Support it. UO White Wolf does not make any claims of copyright ownership regarding Ultima Online. All ownership and copyrights are strictly owned by Electronic Arts and Broadsword. Anyone using our services abides U.S. copyright law under the fair use clause. The emulator is under GPL v2 license.

Now you can install your UO Classic Client and launch updates until your game is fully patched.




2. Second step, getting a copy of UO Razor. You can find it here from this link : http://www.uorazor.com/downloads/Razor_Latest.exe


There are other tools : UO Steam, or other launchers or clients you can find on the web. But here on UO White Wolf, we advice you to use UO Razor. You're allowed to use your favorite launcher though, as long you respect our server rules. If you have issues with those, you would have to find support on other forums or communities.






3. Third step : both the client and the launcher installed, you can now start UO Razor. For the connection, you can enter this :


IP : play.uowhitewolf.com


PORT : 25565



You can now create an account by choosing an account name and a password. We're on auto creation and you're allowed 2 accounts per IP. If you want to change your password later, you can use the command [password in game.



HINT FOR NEW PLAYERS : you'll start with a skillball allowing you to set 8x GM skills. You should do it BEFORE you start training your skills as that will reset all your other skills to zero.

Don't hesitate to train your skills AFK. We have a safe area for doing so : our training center. It's allowed and encouraged, as most of us have already trained our UO skills many many times in the past. You can gather resources AFK, but not "currencies". By this, we mean you're not allowed to run Champion Spawns AFK, e.g.

You can check all the commands you can use by typing [mycommands. Most common ones are :

- [c, for our global chat.

- [pm <PlayerName> for private messages (<PlayerNamer> being the name of the player you want to send a PM to).

- [time, so you can check the server time for events.

- [loot, for looting corpses around you. This command is linked to you Master Looter backpack. Check our forum for more information about that one.


Thanks for joining us !