Server Features

What you can find on UO White Wolf

No PvP

Evolve in a full PvM environment. No PK's, no RED's, not loosing your hard work of crafting or hunting. Collaborate with your mates to face all our PvM challenges. Decorate your houses and feel yourself at home here.

300 Statcap

Statcap here is 300,. It used to be higher, but for the sake of still having a challenging game, it was brought back to 300. We've kept a major increrase on maximum hit points you can reach, especially using gear bonuses.

BIO Engineering

BIO Engineering is an activity you can do here on UO White Wolf nearly everywhere in our lands. Try to find the approriate tools and you can sample DNA on basically every monster you encounter, even on humans. The whole Bio Engineering can lead you to have your own BIO Pets. Human Bio Pets are considered as some of the best tanks around.

Pet leveling and breeding

Animals in the wilderness spawn with a random maximum level. It is displayed just below their name, while they are wild. If you tame such an animal, it becomes your pet and has a corresponding maximum level. You can then train your pet, either in our training center, or in the wilderness, to reach that maximum level. Each level, you can spend points on skills.

it is not the standard pet training system from OSI, which is disabled here.

Once at maximum level, you can breed a male and a female pet of the same breed. Find an animal breeder and he'll help you with that. A few days later, you will have a baby pet, who is going to be of a new generation (and then probably higher maximum level).

No Skillcap

There is no Skillcap on UO White Wolf. It means you can GM all skills. You can even train them all up to 120.0, as we have powerscrolls for skills that shouldn't go above 100.0 on OSI. Master of the Arts Champion is spawned twice, so you can increase your crafting skills with our new Ores, Woods and Leathers.


We have all sorts of EVOs, evolution items. You can have EVO Weapons and EVO Armors. EVO Amors can be obtained in game through crafting, and only through crafting. EVO Weapons can't be pruchased either, they are obtained through our cycles of festivals through the year : Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall, but also St. Patrick, Thanksgiving, Halloween, St. Valentine and more.

As a crafter, you are also able to craft levelable weapons. Apply a level item deed on a crafted weapon, and you may end up with a stronger weapon than an EVO Weapon.

Last but not least for EVOs, EVO PEts. We have all kinds of EVO Pets, some quite unique to UO White Wolf. You'll find them wandering in our social hub, but to obtain an EVO egg you will have to find their guardians and fight them.

And more ...

And we have a lot more other features, some you can easily find, some that are hidden on purpose.

We have a hue room, where you can dye your clothes and pets.

We have arcade games, like Bomberman and casino games.

We have all kinds of decoration and addons for all your roleplaying purposes, including unique house designs, churches, bathtubs, fountains, meeting hubs, auction houses and many more decoration.

Throughout the year you will attend events and festivals, with many rewards for participating. Some pets you can tame are only found during a specific time of the year.