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m UO WHITE WOLF a PvM Ultima Online Community Server Join our Discord
Dare to venture the lands of the White Wolf


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UO White Wolf  is a Player Vs Monsters Ultima Online community Server
Here, you will face daily challenges all around the world of the White Wolf.
Our specifications are :
  • 450 Statcap.
  • Unlimited Skillcap.
  • EVOs (pets, armors and weapons).
  • BIO Engineering and BIO Pets.
  • Extra types resources in Woods, Leathers and Ores.
  • Master of the Arts for crafters’ powerscrolls.
  • Hue Room.
  • Training Center.
  • Custom currencies from events, votes and donations.
  • Custom mobs … a lot.
  • Regular festivals throughout the year.

Come and ...


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To join us, you can use these login information :
IP : play.uowhitewolf.com
PORT : 2593
Download UO Razor from
this link and you’re set…
We are currently working on a PvP version of UO White Wolf, with more balance in combat so players can fight other players and/or mobs. More news to come soon …