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Welcome to UO White Wolf



UO White Wolf is an Ultima Online PvM Server.


Join us on this IP :

Use the port : 2593.


Here are our specifications :

- No PvP

- No Skillcap

- 300 Statcap

- 2 accounts per IP

- 3 houses per account 

- Master Storage Bag

- EVO Pets, EVO Armors, EVO Weapons

- Advanced Taming System (levels, shrinking and breeding)

- New resources and crafts : Ores, Woods, Leathers, Tokens and Recipes

- BIO Engineering : BIO Pets, including Human BIO Pets

- New Champion : Master of the Arts, for crafters

- Hue Room for dyeing your clothes and pets 

- Starter Area with training elements, training vorpal bunnies, usual and custom vendors

- Donation and Vote Rewards


Join us now and you will start with a welcome package.


Your first character will get 250k gold,

an EVO Mercenary deed,

a +1 control slot deed,

a pet leash,

a pioneer sash,

a 300 stat ball,

a 7x GM skill ball,

and ressources.



Have fun on your new home !



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