UO White Wolf Web Shop.

Not open yet.
Here you will find a way to purchase White Fangs and get to spend them in game on various kinds of decorative items, such as house addons and unique house designs. Some items in game that allow our players to gain time and speed up their training will also be available for White Fangs (e.g. skillballs with 100 points to spend on any skill you want and above 100.0).
White Fangs are an in game currency. It can be purchased from here, or obtained in game through playing. It is mainly designed so players with less time to play MMORPG's are not left behind those who spend most of their time on games. Both types of players, casual and hardcore, will find their enjoyment in that system. We want to emphasize that this is NOT a Pay-2-Win system and we won't accept trades outside this shop and/or available items in game on our vendors.
Thank you for considering purchasing our in game currency. It helps with the server fees, and with the official statement of an invoice and taxes, you get the guarantee and the engagement linked to our Terms.